The anti-aging industry is one that has grown to a staggering 58.5 billion dollars since 2021 in the United States alone. Indeed, no one wants to age and suffer from the effects of cognitive decline, neurogenic diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease, and a wide range of other issues that impact brain functioning. Science is getting closer to finding ways to prevent aging and protect the body’s ability to fight against diseases like Alzheimer’s. One such component is Alpha-Klotho.

What is Alpha-Klotho?

Alpha-Klotho is a naturally occurring protein that is found mainly in the kidneys of the human body, but it can also be found in other animals such as mice. In fact, most studies of anti-klotho have been conducted on mice, which show that those mice with higher levels of anti-klotho live an average of 30% longer.

However, it isn’t’ just about living longer. Alpha-Klotho is now revolutionizing medicine and changing traditional views on aging, such as that it is an inevitable process that cannot be reversed or altered.

Alpha-Klotho’s Affect on Neurological Diseases

Klotho has already been shown to have a profound effect on aging. In particular, studies as recently as 2019 have shown that Klotho can actually be used as a viable therapy in the elderly during the beginning stages of diseases such as:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Late-life depression
  • Mild cognitive impairment
  • Dementia, or memory loss

While Klotho cannot help completely cure someone of Alzheimer’s, depression, or other cognitive impairment, it can help protect the human body against the effects of these diseases when introduced during the beginning stages of the disease.

The Big Picture of Alpha-Klotho

There are few exciting details that emerge from the study of aging. However, Alpha-Klotho is one such protein and compound that can, hopefully, help protect humans against the effects of aging and cognitive disorders, improving their quality of life during older age.

Though treatments aren’t simply as simple as taking alpha-Klotho orally, since this will not help it cross the blood barrier into the brain, there can be new developments in the future that can find safe methods to introduce Alpha-Klotho into the bloodstream, helping to improve longevity and reduce dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases, two of the most debilitating diseases in older age.