Klotho Technology

Studies have shown possible connections between Klotho, aging and health


May Reduce Risk of Hypertension


May Reduce Risk of Dementia


May Reduce Risk of Depression


May Improve Memory

Klotho Links Inflammation, Salt Sensitivity, Hypertension and Mortality in Aging

Find Out if Your Exercise Routine is Improving Your Klotho Level!

Know if your exercise is improving your Klotho level!

Klotho’s Role In Longevity, Intelligence, Muscle Strength, And Cancer

How Klotho blueprint for aging works

We send out a test kit to return your sample by mail, we then analyze and send you a report.

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Personalized klotho based tests and therapies

Klotho is perhaps the most powerful anti-aging agent ever discovered

Klotho is perhaps the most powerful anti-aging agent ever discovered

New data are emerging indicating that healthy klotho levels may possibly reduce risk of…

  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Other Dementias
  • Artery calcification and atherosclerosis
  • Heart valve calcification
  • Aorta hardening
  • Hypertension – high blood pressure
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Diabetes
  • Facial wrinkles
  • Hair loss
  • Dental health
  • Bone health

It all starts with knowing you Klotho level introducing

KLOTHOYEARS Test by KlothoBios, Inc.


Creating Klotho based pathway to anti-aging and heath

Customized Klotho based healthcare is poised to emerge as the most powerful weapon to fight back the many ailments of aging along with healthy diet, exercise, sleep and stress management. Klotho has been described as “the true fountain of youth” and a growing body of data is supporting that managing your Klotho levels may contribution to reducing risk of many aging related diseases including cancer, hypertension, chronic inflammation, diabetes, calcification of arteries and heart valves, vision loss, memory loss and more. Klotho also may have important role in managing addiction and depression and suicide prevention in youth as well as the aged. Klotho may contribute to gut microbiota health and thus immune system health and brain mood from proper serotonin release. Hair loss and skin wrinkles may also be prevented with proper application of Klotho.

Measure, Analyze, Customize and Inform

Our goal is to help increase awareness of how your klotho level may influence your heath and direct people to not only a healthier lifestyle that can be measured and scored with subsequent KlothoYears test runs but also to direct people to clinical studies and products that may help save their life or prolong their health.


1. Supported by Leonhardt Ventures LLC which has a history of introducing breakthrough medical innovations.

2. Leonhardt Ventures LLC has raised over $100 million for its portfolio of organ regeneration and recovery innovation assets since its founding.

3. Leadership team completed first stem cell organ regeneration study in 1988 and has been perfecting technologies ever since.

4. Dr. Leslie Miller 250 publications, 100 clinical studies, cardiologist and former Chairman of Cardiovascular Medicine University of Minnesota, as all as co-editor of a leading textbook on regenerative medicine serves as Chief Medical Officer.

5. Access to sell retail patent pending technology for controlling expression of Klotho with bioelectric stimulation Leonhardt et al.

6. Howard Leonhardt serial entrepreneur and inventor with over 500 patent claims issued or pending serves as Executive Chairman and CEO. Leonhardt previously invented and developed leading stent graft system for aortic aneurysm repair.

7. Dr. Irene Lambiris formerly of Cleveland Clinic Weston, HealthCare Partners and ABC News Las Vegas Health News Expert serves as Chief Ambassador for product line.

8. KlothoBios, Inc. is developing improvements to klotho testing to improve accuracy, sensitivity, speed and costs.

9. KlothoBios, Inc. is providing an information service business to serve those seeking anti-aging health remedies and innovators seeking to access that market.