Test Your Klotho Level

Klotho Test – CrowdSource

Test will be run as soon as 10 samples are received at the lab. It may take several months. You will be notified by email of your result.

Klotho Test – Individual Test

Test will be run within seven days of arrival of your sample at the lab. You will be notified by email of your result.

  • Does not include shipping charges (shipping handled by phlebotomist service – usually $40 to $80).
  • Does not include blood draw charges from 3rd party phlebotomist service (usually $60 to $140).
  • Does include lab test technician labor charges (provided by KlothoYears contracted test labs).
  • Does include Klotho test kit (provided by KlothoYears to contracted test labs).
  • Does include shipping packaging (provided by phlebotomist service)

BETA Launch Stage:

We are in the BETA launch stage of the KlothoYears program. We are evaluating partners for phlebotomy services, laboratory testing, and shipping during this period. As such, the process may not be seamless. It best suits innovators and early adopters motivated to participate in early-stage research. With that in mind, we ask that you contact us at any time during the process should you need help or information via email at [email protected] or phone (424) 291-2133. 

Tests are run using the ILB America Alpha Klotho Enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA) in our research laboratory.

Order your Klotho test today.

Tests for Klotho are not currently available in clinical laboratories. Our testing service is the only one of its kind available to consumers. We offer two types of tests: Crowdsourced, where tests from multiple people are run simultaneously, and Individual tests, where one test is run at a time.

The Crowdsourced option is less expensive as there is an economy of scale when multiple tests are run at the same time. However, the turnaround time for the Crowdsourced option depends on the number of orders we receive close to the time of your order. It may take several months for your Klotho test to be run and your results to be available. If you want your results quickly, choose the Individual option and the test will be run in the same week your sample is received.

It is important to note that the Klotho test is intended for research purposes and should not be utilized to diagnose or manage any medical conditions.

How the Process Works:

The testing process is in the Beta Launch stage and requires multiple steps. We are working on a number of ways to simplify the process but want you to be aware that it will require a time commitment on your part to arrange for a blood draw by a mobile phlebotomist; we have partnered with a mobile phlebotomy service to assist customers with drawing and sending their samples to our laboratory in San Diego, CA. Some locations may not be serviced by our partner company. We will do our best to help you find a mobile phlebotomist in your area if they cannot accommodate you.

Ordering a Klotho Test and Arranging for a Blood Draw:

  1. Place your order for a Klotho test by clicking on the Crowdsource or Individual Option and entering your payment information.
  2. Next, click on the Schedule Your Blood Draw button. A “Contact Us” form will open for My Onsite Health, our mobile phlebotomy partner. A mobile phlebotomist is a specially trained medical professional who can collect and process blood and other specimens outside the traditional clinic setting. Fill in your contact information, and in the “Tell us about your needs” section, input “I am a KlothoYears customer and need to arrange for my blood to be drawn; no laboratory order is required.”
  3. My Onsite Health will contact you to schedule a mobile phlebotomist to come to your home, draw your blood, centrifuge it, and ship it at a refrigerated temperature to our San Diego, CA laboratory. If they do not service your please contact us at [email protected] and we will help you find an alternate way to draw your sample.
  4. Please note that the cost of phlebotomy services (averaging $60 to $140) and shipment of your sample from your location to our laboratory (averaging ($40 to $80) are in addition to the cost of the test and will be paid directly to My Onsite Health.

Shipment of Blood Samples for Klotho Testing

For customers who send samples not drawn by our mobile phlebotomy service:

  • Shipment of blood samples requires four levels of packaging:
  • Serum or Plasma in a glass or plastic tube.
  • Absorbent packaging (materials used to protect primary receptacles and absorb liquid if leaks.
  • An insulated foam container with ice, refrigerant packs, or an integrated refrigerant device.
  • Corrugated fiberboard (cardboard) shipping box