Frequently Asked Questions


What is the KlolthoYears test?
An alpha Klotho (A-Klotho) human soluble Elisa based kit comprised of a solid phase sandwich for the determination of human soluble alpha Klotho in circulating blood. This level is compared to the average normal level for your age and is reported as a KlothoYears number.
Why would knowing your Klotho level be important?
Low Klotho levels are associated with accelerated aging including high blood pressure, calcification of arteries and heart valves, early onset dementia, cancer risk, muscle strength and other aging related ailments. It may be useful for your doctor to know your Klotho level. As new studies come forward and new therapies emerge the importance of knowing your Klotho level may be amplified.
Why take the KlothoYears test now?
You can track if your diet, sleep and exercise routines makes any improvements.
What is the benefit of enrolling in the KlothoYears email newsletter list?
We will send you links to new studies on Klotho as they are found or published. We will let you know if there are any Klotho related clinical trials that you may be interested to enroll in yourself or where you may want to refer a friend or family member.