Klotho Test – Individual


Klotho is perhaps the most powerful anti-aging agent ever discovered

Measure, Analyze, Customize and Inform

Our goal is to help increase awareness of how your klotho level may influence your heath and direct people to not only a healthier lifestyle that can be measured and scored with subsequent KlothoYears test runs but also to direct people to clinical studies and products that may help save their life or prolong their health.

Included in your kit, will be a return label, protection foam for vials, and pre-printed ID sticker.

We have identified 3 regional/national providers that come out to your own home to draw blood for as little at $25 and as high as $125. We also have identified labs where you can go in to a clinic to get blood drawn.

After ordering – Please go to our partner My Onsite Health care to schedule your blood draw. – Click Here



New data are emerging indicating that healthy klotho levels may possibly reduce risk of…

Alzheimer’s disease
Other Dementias
Artery calcification and atherosclerosis
Heart valve calcification
Aorta hardening
Hypertension – high blood pressure
Chronic inflammation
Facial wrinkles
Hair loss
Dental health
Bone health
It all starts with knowing you Klotho level introducing

KLOTHOYEARS Test by KlothoBios, Inc.

  • Does not include shipping charges (shipping handled by phlebotomist service – usually $40 to $80).
  • Does not include blood draw charges from 3rd party phlebotomist service (usually $60 to $140).
  • Does include lab test technician labor charges (provided by KlothoYears contracted test labs).
  • Does include Klotho test kit (provided by KlothoYears to contracted test labs).
  • Does include shipping packaging (provided by phlebotomist service)