For people battling potentially fatal diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and more, finding effective treatments can be challenging. However, with the many advancements that are being developed on a regular basis, more and more treatments are emerging. One of these possible treatments is Klothos. Klothos is a protein with anti-aging properties that is produced in the kidneys, brain, thyroid gland, and other areas of the body. This protein is essential in the operation of the vascular system as well as kidney function. It is also important in controlling numerous other processes in the body, including aging, oxidative stress, inflammation, and more.

How can Klothos treat disease?

Numerous amounts of research and studies have been conducted on Klothos and its ability to improve health. One thing that was discovered about Klothos was that individuals with cancer, Parkinson’s disease, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease (CKD), among others, is the fact that nearly all of them suffer from Klothos deficiency. Being deficient in this essential protein has been implicated in accelerated aging, cancer, diabetes, and the list goes on. Additionally, Klothos deficiency has been implicated in the progression of CKD, as well as complications of cardiovascular disease, which sometimes develops as a result of CKD. Increasing Klothos in these individuals has been proven effective at shrinking cancerous tumors, reversing even the most severe cases of diabetes, and also improving both CKD and cardiovascular disease. Klothos has also been proven to slow the progression of kidney disease, enabling many kidney disease patients the opportunity for an improved quality of life.

Chronic inflammation in the body leads to disease and accelerated aging, but the addition of Klothos, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidative stress properties, can halt this activity. While studying CKD in-depth, researchers discovered that the inflammation present from this disease impedes the natural production and secretion of Klothos. However, by adding Klothos treatment, the genes responsible for the disease itself, and therefore the accompanying inflammation, are often turned off.

While Klothos is not considered a cure for cancer and the many other diseases it can treat, it can provide protection from further damage of many diseases, slow the aging process, reverse inflammation and oxidative stress, while promoting healing in the process. Supplementation with Klothos can provide the body with what it needs to fight disease, extend life, and preserve essential body functions.